5 Steps to Overcoming Materialism

blog quran & spirituality Jun 14, 2016

The Quran asks man to reflect on this question: "O man! What has beguiled you from your Lord, the Gracious One?" (Chapter 82:6)

Inspired by this question, lets reflect on the many things that distract us from the Path to Allah and from our main purpose in life, which is reaching our full potential. In fact, modern life is so full of distractions that it is hard for us to focus on anything at all. We seem to be running in all directions, having lost sight of what our true priorities are.

In this session, we talk about the distraction of MATERIALISM, how it distracts us, and why this is a problem.

We talk about 5 steps to start managing the distraction of materialism and get back on track to what will truly bring us the peace and happiness that we crave.

Here is the link to the slides/handout that accompanies this episode.
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