Resources for Laylatul Qadr

Here are links to various resources for preparation for Laylatul Qadr

Truth is the Night of Power,
hidden amid the other nights
so the soul may try each one.
Not all nights are the Night of Power,
yet all nights aren't empty of it either.
   Rumi, Mathnawi II: 2935-2936
As we approach the blessed nights of vigil, contemplation and worship, let us turn inward to prepare so that we can be ready to soak in the full extent of the Mercy and Blessings of God on the Grand Night.

Here are some written, video and audio resources from the blog and podcast that may be useful as we begin to reflect on the magnitude of Laylatul Qadr. So whether you prefer to read, watch or listen, inshallah you may find something useful. 

NOTE: For the audio downloads, when you click on the link, it will take you to the download page. You will then need to click where it says: Direct Download in order to open and save the audio file.

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