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Truth is the Night of Power,

hidden amid the other nights

so the soul may try each one.

Not all nights are the Night of Power,

yet all nights aren’t empty of it either.

  • Rumi, Mathnawi II: 2935-2936

As we approach the blessed nights of vigil, contemplation and worship, let us turn inward to prepare so that we can be ready to soak in the full extent of the Mercy and Blessings of God on the Grand Night.

Here are some resources from the blog and podcast that may be useful as we begin to reflect on the magnitude of Laylatul Qadr.

Please feel free to share them via email or through social media.

Let us remember each other and our brothers in faith and humanity across the globe during these blessed moments.

With duas



General introduction to the importance of Laylatul Qadr:103d35fc-b5eb-48fa-ab4f-aa7a7abd52af


003:Reflections on Sura Qadr and Laylatul Qadr

Preparation for Laylatul Qadr Interview on AhlulBayt TV

Basic introduction to the concept of Decree and Destiny, especially useful for children and youth:

Recording of a live TV interview with the title "Laylatul Qadr: Can we change our destiny?". It attempts to address many questions that the youth in particular have about the Grand Night of Qadr, including introduction to the concept of Decree and Destiny. In two parts.

Interview part 1

Interview part 2


037: Accessing Self Knowledge Through Contemplation

Islam teaches us that worship with contemplation and awareness is infinitely more valuable than completing rituals without awareness or transformation. In this podcast, we discuss self knowledge and contemplation

Explanation and reflections on the Quranic Chapters recommended to be recited on Laylatul Qadr:

A highly recommended action during the night of Qadr is to pray and reflect on Sura Ankabut, Sura Rum and Sura Dukhan

Audio Lecture on Tafseer of Sura Dukhan:

Lessons from Sura Ankabut: Blog Posts

Lessons from Sura Ankabut - Lesson 1: You will be tried

Lessons from Sura Ankabut Lesson 2: Recognize the test

Lessons from Sura Ankabut Lesson 3: Travel fi sabillilah

Lesson from Sura Ankabut. Lesson 4: Dust those cobwebs!

Lessons from Sura Ankabut: Lesson 5: Recite the Book, establish Salaat and keep Zikr alive

Lessons from Sura Ankabut: Lesson 6: “If I strive, He will guide”

Infographics on Lessons from Sura Ankabut

Audio Lectures on Sura Ankabut Tafseer

Sura Ankabut Part 1 of 3

Sura Ankabut Part 2 of 3

Sura Ankabut Part 3 of 3

Reflections on Dua Makarim Akhlaq

Part 1:

Part 2:









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