Spiritual Prime Time

blog quran & spirituality Jun 12, 2015

As we are in the midst of "Spiritual Prime Time", with Ramadan just around the corner, many of us are beginning to turn our attention towards self growth and character development. In this quick post, I am just sharing some reflections on various aspects of self development, from lectures over the last few years. You may want to listen to all or some of them to get some tips and suggestions on how to start working on a particular aspect of self development.

Controlling our anger
Do you find that your temper gets in the way of maintaining good family relationships? Do you find yourself focusing on the challenging aspects of other's personalities? Here are some suggestions to manage anger so that it does not get in the way of great family relationships.

Self Control
This episode talks about what is self control, why is it important and discusses how we can strengthen our self control muscles

This episode explores Imam Ghazzali's explanations of ‪#gratitude‬. What is gratitude exactly? Is it enough to feel thankful because you got what you wanted?

Self Knowledge
Leading up to Ramadaan, I will inshallah try and upload some sessions on self development. Here is one from a live session in 2009. It introduces the concept of self knowledge and briefly covers the steps to getting to know ourselves

Part 6 in the series on Dua Kumayl talks about contentment, why it is so challenging to be contented in modern times, and how to cultivate contentment. We also cover the steps to self-transformation in this lecture.

In this lecture in the series on Dua Kumayl, we explore the concept of humility before Allah swt and humility with people. The Dua itself is an excellent example of how an abd of Allah is to adopt a position of humility and yet have an intimate relationship with His Lord. We then examine what humility looks like and explore practical strategies to cultivate humility within our hearts.


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