Summary of Chapter 33 Suratul Ahzab

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Suratul Ahzab is a very significant chapter of the Holy Quran and includes discussion on many social, political and domestic issues. It was revealed in fifth year of Hijra which was a critical year in the history of early Islam.

The Sura mentions the Battle of the Ditch (Khandaq) also called Battle of Ahzab, it gives us a clear psychological portrait of the hypocrites and compares that to the psychology of the believers.

In this Sura particularly, the love that Allah (swt) has for the Prophet (saw) is emphasized. We are reminded of his stature with Allah (swt) and with the Believers, how he is a role model for us, how he and his household is purified by Allah (swt) and how Allah (swt) and His angels send salutations on him, just as we are commanded to do. We are also reminded how we must not cause the Holy Prophet (saw) any hurt or even the slightest inconvenience.


Following are the links to the audio recordings of the discussions on this Sura.

Part 1: Verses 1 – 8

The Sura starts with an address to the Holy Prophet (saw) to be firm with the disbelievers and not to give into their demands. These verses also begin the discussion about adopted sons and their status.

Part 2: Verses 9 – 20

The Battle of Ahzab is discussed in these verses

Part 3: Verses 21 – 34

This section contains the famous verse about how the Holy Prophet (saw) is an example for all of us. The Prophet’s wives are given special instructions on their status and behavior.

Part 4: Verses 35 – 40

This section discusses Zaid ibn Harith divorce from Zaynab bint Jahesh and her subsequent marriage to the Holy Prophet (saw) and the lessons to be learnt from this.

Part 5: Verses 41 – 44

In these beautiful verses, we are advised to be in a continuous state of remembrance and told about the outcome of being in remembrance

Part 5: Verses 45 – 48

In these verses Allah swt addresses the Holy Prophet (saw) and mentions 5 attributes and responsibilities that He has granted the Holy Prophet (saw).

Part 6: Verses 49 – 55

These verses talk about some injunctions for marriage and divorce, both for the Holy Prophet (saw) in particular and for the believers in general. There is also more guidance for the believers about courtesies due to the Holy Prophet (saw) and his household.

Part 7: Verses 56 – 58

In the well-known verse of this Sura, we are commanded to send salutations on the Holy Prophet (saw) just as Allah swt and His angels are continuously sending blessings on him. We are then warned about the grievous consequences of causing harm or annoyance to the Holy Prophet (saw) and warned against slandering believers.

Part 8: Verses 59 – 68

In this section we are told about the reasons for Hijab. The injunction for hijab follows with a very strong warning to hypocrites and trouble makers and how they are to be dealt with for the health and security of the community.

Part 9: Verses 69 – 73

In the final verses of this Sura, we are commanded not to treat our Holy Prophet (saw) like Nabi Musa (as) was treated by his followers. We are also told about the great trust that the human being accepted and how he has dealt with that trust.


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