Perfecting our salaat

Many of us struggle to focus and maintain concentration when we pray. Sometimes it seems that the harder we try to focus, the more difficult it appears. This session is the recording from a live session from 2007, where we explore the issue of concentration in salaat and discuss various strategies to improve focus. 

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Accessing Self Knowledge Through Contemplation

Leading up to Ramadaan, I will inshallah try and upload some sessions on self development. Here is one from a live session in 2009. It introduces the concept of self knowledge and briefly covers the steps to getting to know ourselves

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The Challenges of Raising Morally Conscious Children in Modern Times

We would like our children to have a strong character, be self regulating and make morally conscious choices, even when we are not around to guide them. What does moral consciousness look like? What are the elements and what can we practically do to nurture moral consiousness in children. This is a very brief introduction to the seminar series

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Living a Regret Free Life Part 4

How can we use the precious gift of time so that we do not regert wasted oppurtunity?

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Living a Regret Free Life Part 3

In the third part in our series on Living a Regret Free Life, we discuss the power of words and language. What do you think people regret most, saying something or staying silent?

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Living a Regret Free Life

Research shows that on their death bed, people often regret that they did not heal or complete their relationships. In this episode, we explore what it means to have complete relationships and also talk about the meaning of forgiveness 

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Sura Saba v 15 - 30

In these verses, we study the enlightening story of the people of Saba and discuss the lessons we get from it.

In verses 21-30, the Prophet (saw) is asked to discuss Tawheed with the disbelievers in a very logical way. 

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Connection Rituals - 1

Brief presentation on Strong Families and practical ways to strengthen family bonds

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Sura Saba v 10 - 14

In these verses, we are given beautiful life lessons about leadership, work-life balance, giving your best, and power, through the stories of Nabi Dawood (as) and Nabi Sulaiyman (as). 

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Challenges faced by the Modern Family

Part of a longer workshop on Strenghening our Families. In this episode we try and understand why it is so challenging to maintain a healthy family

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