10 Characteristics of Strong Families

Part of a longer workshop on Strengthening our Families, in this episode, we discuss characteristics and habits of strong families.

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Parenting to raise children with self esteem

What is the difference between self esteem and self confidence and what parents can do to enhance their children's emotional wellbeing

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Maintaining Family Relationship part 2

In this episode we discuss pratical ways of dealing with difficult relationships. We talk about managing small day to day annoyances as well as coping with truly challenging relationships. 

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Sura Saba part 1 v 1-10

Introduction to Sura Saba and discussing the first Ruku. Recording of live Quran Study Circle

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Supporting women experiencing domestic violence

Many of us know women who are victims of violence at home, either through their spouse, inlaws and sometimes children. We may not intervene because we are not sure what to do. In this short talk, we discuss the best way to support someone experiencing violence at home 

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Sura Fatir part 3 verses 31-45

The last section of Sura Fatir 

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Developing Self Control

What is self control and why is so hard to practice? What are some of the ways we can develop it within ourselves, model it for our children and encourage them towards practicing it as well

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The Empty Nest Syndrome - Opportunities and Challenges

In this short episode, we discuss adjusting to the post parenting years, what is to be expected, and how to cope if you are experiencing challenges

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Resisting the Whisperings of Shaytan part 2

We explore the strenghts and means we have in resisting the Shaytan

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